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NUMERIS CLUB is an elite, members-only platform that offers access to unparalleled insights from the world's largest media network and trading expertise from successful investors.

It leverages partnerships with key crypto companies and utilizes blockchain on-chain analysis to empower its members in wealth creation through crypto investments.

This club creates a unique ecosystem for its members to excel in the cryptocurrency market, fostering an environment of exclusivity, curiosity, and potential for substantial financial growth.

The Founder

Alex Numeris alex numeris is verified

Investor & Entrepreneur

Founded by Alex Numeris, a visionary in the crypto space, NUMERIS CLUB embodies a passion for crypto assets and a deep commitment to member success.

Alex brings more than 7 years of experience in the crypto market to the table, along with his role as the founder of the largest crypto media network.
This network includes key assets such as,,, and

His expertise goes beyond education; it empowers investors to make informed decisions, thereby fostering a community characterized by growth and profitability.

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The depth of knowledge I've gained through the club's resources has profoundly enhanced my understanding and confidence in the crypto space. The insights and strategies shared here have directly contributed to my success and growth.
Club Member
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Alex and his team have provided me with a fresh perspective and profitable strategies. Additionally, the 10k to 1 Mil Challenge has been an eye-opener, showing the insane opportunities in crypto. The club's commitment to providing high-quality, actionable insights is unmatched. Simply put, the benefits are unreal.

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Alex Numeris

I am Alex Numeris, a Romanian-American investor and entrepreneur.

I began my journey with crypto assets in 2017. From then, my path has constantly been filled with learning about crypto market dynamics and its potential for wealth generation.

Over the years, I've made consistent investments in Bitcoin and various other crypto assets, successfully creating profitable portfolios through numerous crypto market cycles.

Yet, my journey into the realm of crypto has always had a goal bigger than my personal gain.

I am deeply committed to pushing forward crypto adoption. I am driven by the belief that it can provide a key to financial freedom for countless individuals across the globe.


NUMERIS CLUB is an exclusive, members-only network that offers access to curated crypto insights, networking opportunities, and expert advice.

It’s designed for individuals passionate about succeeding in the crypto market and beyond.

Membership to NUMERIS CLUB is exclusive and curated to maintain a high-quality network.

Interested individuals can apply through our website, where applications are reviewed to ensure alignment with our club’s ethos and objectives.

While there are no strict prerequisites, NUMERIS CLUB is best suited for individuals with a keen interest in crypto investments and a desire to actively engage with the club’s resources and network. is the biggest crypto platform in Romania, which is also available internationally in English, thru global. is a leading platform within NUMERIS CLUB’s network, offering the latest news, in-depth analyses, and educational content on cryptocurrency.

It’s known for its authoritative insights and comprehensive coverage of the crypto market. is a part of NUMERIS CLUB’s network, specializing in detailed blockchain technology insights and industry trends.

It caters to those seeking deeper knowledge and technical understanding of blockchain applications.

Alex Numeris is the founder of NUMERIS CLUB and a recognized authority in the cryptocurrency space.

With over 7 years of experience in crypto markets, Alex has successfully established the largest crypto media network, including notable platforms like,,, and

His deep expertise in crypto investments and market strategies has made him a respected figure and mentor in the crypto community.

Alex’s vision for NUMERIS CLUB is to create a platform where crypto enthusiasts can gain exclusive insights, network with professionals, and access valuable investment opportunities.

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NUMERIS Portfolio

Dive into our expertly curated portfolio, designed for robust growth in the dynamic crypto market.

Gain insights into our strategic asset selections and allocation, tailored to maximize long-term profitability.”

Altcoins Analysis & Reviews

Get in-depth analyses and reviews of promising small and midcap altcoins.

Our expert team brings you potential high-growth opportunities, offering a detailed breakdown of each altcoin’s prospects.

Market Forecasts & Predictions​

Access our comprehensive market forecasts and predictions, helping you make well-informed investment decisions.

Stay updated with the latest market trends and movements to capitalize on timely opportunities.

Copy - Trading Insights​

Follow the trading strategies and insights from Alex Numeris and his experienced team.

Learn from successful trades and apply these insights to your own trading approach, enhancing your chances of success.

10k to 1Mil Challenge​

Experience the thrill of the 10k to 1 Mil Challenge.

Watch as Alex Numeris strategically grows $10k into $1 million, and gain insights into the techniques and decisions behind this successful investment journey.

This challenge was already successful completed once in 2020 – 2021, achieving 10k to 1 Mil in less then 12months.