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Alex Numeris

Founder & CEO

As the founder and driving force of NUMERIS CORP., Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the forefront of the Web3 revolution.

With a deep understanding of blockchain technology and a commitment to making crypto assets more accessible, he leads the company in its mission to educate and empower communities around the globe.

Alex's journey is marked by relentless innovation and a dedication to demystifying complex concepts.

At NUMERIS CORP., his vision extends beyond building a company; he is actively shaping the future of finance, one insightful conversation at a time, ensuring that every step forward in this digital finance world is one toward global empowerment and financial literacy.

Our Portfolio

Media is a leading online platform dedicated to providing comprehensive insights into blockchain technology and crypto assets.

With real-time market data, expert analysis, educational resources, and a thriving community, empowers investors and provides them the edge needed., the leading Romanian media platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency, offers content in both Romanian and English.

This bilingual approach, coupled with its international division, global, extends its expertise and reach to over 10 countries, especially in key English-speaking markets like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. stands as a vigilant observer in the cryptocurrency landscape, embodying the sharp vision and soaring spirit of its namesake.

Maintaining a broad view from great heights, much like an eagle, it delivers comprehensive coverage on Bitcoin, altcoins, NFTs, DeFi, and other pivotal trends in blockchain technology.

Merging the symbol of freedom and foresight with the transformative world of cryptocurrency, the platform offers its audience a clear, elevated view of the financial future. is a dynamic media company dedicated to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

It provides comprehensive coverage on a wide array of topics within the digital currency space, including Bitcoin, altcoins, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and the Metaverse.

the alliance

The Alliance is an anually event bringing together the top minds in the crypto industry for a series of engaging discussions and networking opportunities.

With its strong emphasis on collaboration and community-building, The Alliance is the perfect opportunity to learn, connect, and grow in the world of  crypto.

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Introducing the world’s first Crypto Museum,
a digital space where the history of cryptocurrency is preserved and celebrated.